1 – Arguments and Data

week 1: Mon Feb 1 & Feb 3

We will see how data, charts and imagines can be misleading

Fox News, The Truth About Ferguson [video, slides]

Quartz, The Most Misleading Charts of 2015 [article]

week 2: Mon Feb 8 & Wed Feb 10

We will discuss the nature of an argument, its articulation in premises and conclusions and the distinction between inductive and deductive arguments [slides].

Euclid, Elements, Book I, Propositions 1—5 

definitions, postulates and common notion

proofs of proposition I , II-III and IV-V

week 3: Wed Feb 17 — No class Mon Feb 15

We will discuss what necessary and sufficient conditions are and their significance within arguments [slides]

WIFI Philosophy, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions [video1, video2]

week 4: Mon Feb 22 & Wed Feb 24

The exercise is to find out how the distinction between necessary and sufficient conditions is used  by economist Friedman and senator Clinton.

Milton Friedman on Slavery and Colonization [video]

Hilary Clinton, Closing Statement in the Wisconsin’s debate [video]

week 5: Mon Feb 29 & Wed Mar 2

First exam and discussion of the solutions.

week 6: Mon Mar 7 & Wed Mar 9

We will discuss the difference between causation and correlation 

Khan Academy, Correlation and Causality [video]

week 7: Mon Mar 14 & Wed Mar 16

Same topic as last week

Levitt & Dubner, Where Have all the Criminals Gone?

Vox, 16 Theories why Crime Plummeted [article]