2 – Getting the Facts Right

week 8: Mon Mar 21 — No class Wed Mar 23

Is Female Genital Mutilation a peculiarity of Islamic countries?

Reza Aslan Slams Bill Maher [video]

Sarah Heider Responds to Reza Aslan [video]

2013 UNICEF Report about FMG in Africa [PDF]

FGM in Indonesia [NY Times, UNICEF]

FGM in Thailand [AlJazeera]

week 9: Mon Mar 28 & Wed Mar 30

Are the majority of Muslims moderate or radical?

Interview to Nobel Peace Price Malala Yousafzai [video]

Sam Harris and Irshad Manji [video]

Sam Harris on MSNB [video]

Brigitte Gabriel on the “peaceful majority” [video]

Best of Ayaan Hirsi Ali [video]

Pew Research Center, The World’s Muslims [link]

week 10: Mon Apr 4 & Wed Apr 6

What are the living conditions of people in the Palestinian territories?

Queen Ranja at Yale University [video]

Naftali Bennett’s stability initiative [video]

CNN Bennett v. Rula Jebreal [video]